Ciao, Italy!

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Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted; almost seven months to be exact! My winter and spring terms at school picked up a ton in work, and when I turned my focus to studying, blogging fell by the wayside. These past few months of summer have been packed too – full of camp and traveling – so this is one of the first moments I’ve had to sit down and write. I’ve missed blogging, and I’m definitely going to try and post more often around here from now on!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my travels to Italy over my spring break off from school. It was my very first time taking a trip with classmates, and I had an amazing time experiencing a foreign country with some of my closest school friends! I’d definitely be down for traveling with friends in the future.

The trip began with two days in Pompeii; we climbed Mount Vesuvius, and got to see some ruins and artifacts from the famous volcano eruption and communities it devastated. We had a tour guide with our group explaining the entire history, which I found fascinating; I was walking on the very paths paved by those of ancient times! Not to mention the view from the mountaintop was just breathtaking. I’ve added some photos from Pompeii below.

VeuviusOne VeuviusTwo VesuviusThree VesuviusFourNaplesMuseum

 The next city we travelled to was Rome, which was absolutely one of my favorite places out of any trip I’ve ever taken. I just loved the language, the history, the architecture – and the food! I’ve never had better pasta or pizza in my entire life. I also ate abnormal amounts of gelato #sorrynotsorry.

In Rome, we visited classic landmarks like the Forum & Palatine Hill, the Coliseum, Capitoline Hill, and the Vatican / St. Peter’s Basilica, all of which were gorgeous but packed with tourists. We also took a day trip to Hadrian’s Villa and Tivoli, and visited Villa Borghese. Needless to say, we packed a LOT of stops into a little over a week, but I had a blast everywhere we went, although I was super tired at the end of each day!

One of my favorite memories was visiting Circus Maximus, the site of ancient chariot racing and entertainment. We all got gelato and sat on the grass hill overlooking the track, and talked and laughed for what seemed like hours. Some of my friends even got up and ran around the track in honor of its history – it was definitely one of my happiest memories out of the trip!

ForumOne GardenLandscape FountainGardenMountainFlowers ParkView Vatican ForumThree MuseumHall Sculpture StreetViewViewFromMountains

Italy is truly a beautiful city, which I hope you can view through my photos; I had been wanting to visit ever since I was a little girl, and my trip this year did not fall short of my expectations. At times it was packed with tourists and a little hard to navigate, but I fell in love with the culture, and I hope I have a chance to revisit in the future!

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    • Katie

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Lauren! I love your blog and photography too! x

  1. Sophie

    That must have been so cool! Especially visiting Mt, Vesuvius. I love your photos. They show the cities so beautifully.

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