Eight Days in Austria

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Every school year, I get two weeks off during the winter-time as a well-deserved break from assignments, tests, and schoolwork in general. There are always so many places I want to travel to during this time, but one place I’ve … Continued

Review // Red Queen

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RED QUEEN BY VICTORIA AVEYARD Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood – those with common, Red blood serve the Silver-blooded elite, who are gifted with superhuman abilities. Mare is a Red, scraping by as a thief in a poor, … Continued

Review // Dumplin’

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DUMPLIN’ BY JULIE MURPHY Sixteen-year-old Dolly Parton-loving Willowdean doesn’t usually struggle with her identity and self-confidence as a fat girl in a her small Texas town, where her mother leads the local pageant scene, until hot former jock Bo kisses … Continued